Nothing sells more than getting a device into a customer’s hands. And each screen is artfully crafted to allow consumers the ability to self educate and interact with devices in a meaningful way. The customer experience easily turns shoppers into buyers. More >

Sales Staff

Front line teams gain confidence. Device specs are easy to understand and prices are easy to read. Plus carrier, manufacturer and retailer promos are prominently displayed on applicable devices so your sales team can focus on what’s most important, selling. More >

Back Office

Now the process of updating the prices of smartphones, tablets and even non-screened devices is streamlined, saving time and aggravation. In addition, powerful analytics provide actionable data about what’s really happening on the sales floor. More >


Our dashboard makes changing prices and creating promotions practically effortless. Each can be done to every store or individually. From a management perspective, what may be even more compelling is your ability to see customer interactions with devices. It takes the guesswork out of which devices are really being shown to shoppers in the stores.


Customer experience is everything in retail today. With Mobile Price Card, the important information about your smartphones, tablets and anything you sell can be displayed in visually rich yet easily understandable screens. Promotions take center stage, are always up to date and can be translated on the fly into hundreds of languages.


You may see cell phones on display, but your front line personnel see a complicated mess of paper price cards that require more time and energy than they’re worth. Never again will they have to cut out old fashioned price cards. But the biggest time saver is the wiping of customer content. And unlike expensive digital price tags, there is no complicated mapping.